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IMPACT | Ep 10 | Underbelly and beyond, does TV shape police procedure?

December 7, 2020

Conducting face-to-face interviews with convicted underworld murderer and drug trafficker Carl Williams, CQUniversity Criminology researcher Dr Anne Ferguson found herself part of the police investigation after his prison murder in 2010.

Her research, which began with the popular Underbelly series, aimed to highlight the conflict between fact and fiction in how the Australian entertainment industry dramatises the criminal world.

In this episode Dr Ferguson and Forensic Psychology lecturer Rebecca Wilcoxson discuss the research with Tiahna Fiddling from CQUni Corporate Communications, raising concerns that police initiatives to work closely with TV producers are impacting our perceptions of crime and policing.

This is the tenth episode of CQUniversity’s podcast series: IMPACT, exploring groundbreaking research projects and their real-world impacts.

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